A symbol of Sardinia. Capo Coda Cavallo is a strip of granitic land that extends in a stretch of sea sheltered from the imposing mass of Tavolara, from the smooth rocks of Molara and from the picturesque islet of Proratora, together with which it composes an extended protected area. thousand hectares of crystalline waters, inlets and coves, from Capo Ceraso to Punta s'Isuledda, where the southernmost of the splendid beaches of San Teodoro rises. One of the most evocative coastal scenarios in the Mediterranean will appear: white sandy beaches, coves, islets, lagoons and endless shades of colors. With any wind, you will find a location with calm sea. And another world to discover underwater. The marine area of ​​Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo is ideal for diving: paths tested on walls, cracks and caves, environments rich in biodiversity and populated by swarms of confident fish, which, in the midst of red starfish and yellow gorgonians, offer shows unforgettable, as for example in Tedja Liscia and in the Pope's shoal, to the south-east of Tavolara, in Punta Arresto, on the island of Molara and in the depths of the rock of Molarotto. The peninsula is characterized by sandy coves and cliffs covered by Mediterranean scrub with intense aromas: strawberry tree, juniper, mastic, myrtle and tamarisks. The Coda Cavallo beach has a particular shape that gives its name to the promontory: the mirror of water in front is so sheltered as to seem a calm and clear lagoon. Some of the most famous Teodorine beaches (and all of eastern Sardinia) are just a few minutes from here: Salinedda Bay, sand with reddish rocks, protected by the Ruja island, Cala Brandinchi, dunes of fine white sand, with crystal clear waters, and its 'sister' Lu Impostu, an arch of almost a kilometer of white sand with clear waters. And still the delightful Cala Suaraccia (or butterfly beach), the coves and rocks shaped in original forms of Cala Ghjlgolu, which you will reach by paths between ancient junipers, and La Cinta, the most famous, three kilometers of fine sand dunes that they close to the north with the splendid Puntaldìa promontory. Behind the lagoon of San Teodoro, a stopping point for pink flamingos during the migratory periods and residence of the Italian knight, an ideal place for walking and bird watching.

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