Discovering San Teodoro and Surroundings

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San Teodoro is a tourist resort located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, a few kilometers from Olbia. The area is characterized by a wonderful coastline, with over 30 km of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Among the most famous beaches are La Cinta, Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu and Capo Coda Cavallo, all easily reachable from the center of San Teodoro.But San Teodoro is not just the sea: the area is surrounded by splendid nature, such as Monte Nieddu, a mountain range that extends north-west of the city, perfect for excursions and trekking.


37 km of coastline where you can find sandy beaches or granite coves that merge with the crystal clear emerald sea. There are many beaches to choose from every day and find your own corner of paradise, without renouncing the convenient services that will make your holiday unforgettable.


Beyond the shiny white dunes of the beach, the splendid scenery of the lagoon opens up, an evocative environment that hosts a rich heritage of biodiversity: from here it will be easy to observe the pink flamingo but also the heron, the kestrel and many other species of marsh fauna and flora and navy.


On Monte Nieddu, walks among waterfalls, granite canyons and wild nature await you along the old paths of the charcoal burners. An unexpected naturalistic area to visit by practicing trekking or canyoning, pedaling on a mountain bike or experiencing an exciting excursion in a 4×4.


About 15,000 hectares of protected sea to safeguard the immense naturalistic value of the marine and island environments of this area. In the background Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto and the other smaller islands. A unique heritage to protect, enhance and live in the name of sustainable tourism.


The Marina di Porto di Puntaldìa is inserted in a top-level residential complex characterized by the presence of well-kept green areas, villas well integrated with the surrounding environment and various sports facilities including a 9-hole golf course with sea view.


A strip of land that flows into the blue sea of ​​the Marine Protected Area, which offers unique panoramic views and the experience of visiting some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the Teodorina coast and all of Sardinia within a radius of a few kilometers.


A place for meeting and sharing, for pleasant walks under the stars among the numerous stalls of the craft market, the windows of shops, clubs and restaurants. This is the point of arrival and departure for experiencing the exciting Teodorine evenings.


The territory of San Teodoro is vast and varied, it has about 20 of the so-called "scattered houses", an urban layout that guards the ancient civilization of the stazzi. Villages and hamlets located around the town, between the hinterland and the coast, where the green of nature blends with the blue of the sea.


San Teodoro is a center of Gallura and proudly shares its identity, language, customs, traditions and culture with it. These traits can be summarized in a lifestyle linked to the values ​​and symbolisms of the peasant life of the past.